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3 months notice..

I’m beginning to wonder why I ever gave almost 3 months notice at work.

OMG.. what was I thinking? Oh that’s right I wasn’t!..

I remember the day that I gave notice.  As part of my role I had weekly meetings with my manager to review workflow and so forth and we were chatting about upcoming work etc… and I just blurted it out ‘I’m sorry.. I don’t think I’ll be here for that, I’m going to Canada!’

I’m actually not too sure who was more shocked.  Him or me.

At that stage I hadn’t even set an official date to leave, hadn’t booked flights.. I just knew that I was going and March was my target date.

It was December 7th, 2009……..3 months was going to take some time to pass.

I guess that I had kinda kept it inside of me for so long and I wanted to be honest and up front with work.  Plus holding it in was becoming harder and harder.  I remember sitting back down at my desk after my meeting and thinking.. ‘wow, did I really just do that?’ I even text some friends and said ‘I think I just gave notice’.

I know as soon as it was out, I felt relief. Finally I would be able to talk openly about the adventures that would lie ahead of me.  The challenges I would face and the new people who I would meet.

The sad thing now is that I still have 3 weeks to go and I’m SICK of waiting!!!





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It’s all becoming really real!..

For the past month or so I have been slowly packing up my house and yesterday finally culminated in my brother, K and I jumping in his delivery truck and taking my life down to the farm and storing it in the granny flat at Mum’s.

I’m not really sure what was so different about this time, compared to the last time.  But something about all this had me thinking ‘is this really what I want?’

I know that it’s just nerves.  I get them all the time when I make a big decision like this, and the closer it gets, the more I begin to second guess myself.  I’m not even sure why I do it, it’s just something that I do.

So anyway, with everything packed into boxes I’m down to the bare necessities to get me through the last month and living with my youngest brother N, his wife A and my almost 2-year-old nephew L.  In sure that this last month and a half is going to fly, but it is also going to be great to share some quality time with L and enjoy his constant pester of ‘Aunty Nean come and do this’, or ‘Aunty Nean, come and do that’.. plus with fingers crossed… A might even go into labour and I’ll get to enjoy the spoils of a new niece of nephew for a few days before I go!




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