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When I applied for my Working Holiday Visa (WHP) way back in early 2009, the steps were pretty simple.  Fill out a form, send it to Sydney and wolla.. a couple of weeks later you received a Letter of Introduction to enter Canada for the purposes of a working holiday.

Alas I left my run a little too late to be able to apply for a second visa (critera requires that you be under the age of 31….and WELL past that now), so in order for me to gain an extention to stay I had to do on of the following:

a)  A wrangle me a cowboy (option preferred!!)

b) Apply for the Candian Experiance Class Visa


c) Find an employer to sponsor me

Time was fast running out for option a. (even though my nieces are still hoping to be flowergirls…. well bridesmaid’s now at least!) but I was lucky that my boss was happy enough to proceed with option c so earlier this year we started the process of ensuring that I could stay just a tad longer and enlisted the help of an immigration agency to help smooth the process.

Step one of my visa extention required that my boss obtain a Labour Market Opinion or LMO.  Basically this simply says that there is a shortfall of Canadian’s able to do my job and that I am the best candidate (which of course I was!!), however my job was required to be advertised for 6 weeks (Do you know how daunting it is when you are receving resumes’ for your position??).

Step two was for me to lodge a request to extend my current work visia and hope that the LMO was approved, all before my current visa expired on March 13 this year and to remain on ‘implied status’ until my new visa was approved or denied.  This basically meant that I couldn’t leave the country.. I know right.. I hear you.. Canada is a HUGE country.. but being ‘grounded’ because someone else says so.. well it doesn’t really sit right with Nean … AT ALL!!

Sorry.. did I say smoother earlier… No…

Our first application for our LMO came back ‘rejected’.  Yep.. imagine my suprise when I opened the Fax and read “Labour Market Opinion # ************* Rejected”.  It certianly caused a flurry of events to take place, especially as I was in the middle of quarterly reports and my boss in the middle of tax preparation .. we really didn’t have time to deal with it..

Thankfully the following week we recieved confirmation that the resubmission had been ‘Accepted’.  Phew!!

So stage one complete… we now had the LMO..

Now for the ME factor and to get my visa extended… I had sent numerous emails to my immigration agent asking about an update on the progress.  Nothing out of the ordinary, all I really wanted was confirmation that everything was going to plan and that nothing ‘wayward’ was going to happen.  Instead all I got was a ‘we just have to wait’.

Now those that know me, know that I’m not really this kind of girl. Being brought up on a farm and with four brothers, it usually meant, if you want something done.. you have to do it yourself.

So I did. I rang Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) to find out on the progress of my application, only to find out that they were simply waiting on the LMO approval to finalize my visa..

WHAT!!!! that was approved over three weeks ago!.. yep.. my immigration agent had failed to provide them with my approved LMO…so I did!

Fast foward a month and numerous more emails to my immigration agent and finally I received a ‘Congratulations’ email from her confirming that my new visa had been approved.  WHOOOOO HOOOO.. eligible to stay till 2014!!

How do I feel?  That question is about as confusing as putting a blonde in a circle and asking them to sit in the corner…




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