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RSVP for June 18th : Your Art in Times Square

A little while ago in Artistswanted… a challenge i choose to accept, I announced that I had put myself out there and entered the Artistwanted – Art Takes Time Square photography competition and in turn opened myself up to a whole world (outside of my little bubble) to see.

And it has paid off!!..

On June 4th I received the following email:

Congratulations Janine!

As an Art Takes Times Square premium entrant, your work will be displayed during the upcoming Art Takes Times Square billboard premiere event!

Art Takes Times Square scoured the globe for today’s greatest creative talents to identify one artist whose work will be displayed in a massive exhibition on the glittering screens of Times Square. Tens of thousands of artists joined this international phenomenon, contributing works that received over 2 million page views through the course of the competition.

On Monday June 18th, thousands of artists (including YOU) will be featured and one Grand Prize winner will be revealed at the Art Takes Times Square billboard premiere.

Now unfortuantly I won’t be in Times Square on Monday evening to totally celebrate this occassion (and trust me.. I am still trying), but I am simply thrilled to be a part of such an amazing event… so to those that viewed and voted, THANK YOU.. and fingers crossed.. who knows where a Janine McLean photograph will pop up next!




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Well.. I’ve already spoilt you all with the photo’s of my weekend away in May, but now you get to truly understand the meaning behind Writing on Stone Provincial Park.

I haven’t camped for a while.. in fact it was New Years Eve 2009 /2010 and I’ve definitely not camped in Canada since I’ve been here.  Have you not seen the signs.. Bears, Cougars, Coyotes, Wolf’s.. the list goes on… but last weekend a friend and I decided that we would brave it and head south to the badlands and ‘camp’ amongst the hoodoo’s and rattle snakes of Writing on Stone Provincial Park in southern Alberta.

I was introduced to Hwy 22x, or as it is more affectionately known ‘The Cowboy Trail’ in July 2010 when friends suggested I take the scenic route from Calgary to Fort Macleod.  Since that day it has become one of my favorite hwy’s to drive.  The rolling green hills of the Rocky Mountain foothills and ranch land as far and wide as the eye can see.  It is awe-inspiring and breathtaking each and every time and at every opportunity I like to introduce others to it whenever I can…..and why not!!

The rolling foothills and amazing ranch lands of Hwy 22x

We arrived into the little hamlet of Milk River around lunch time and were greeted by an amazing change in scenery.   The rolling green hills had turned into long winding coulees and the spectacular ranches had turned into wide open prairie farm land… I almost felt at home! (albeit minus the coulees).  With a short stop to play with the dinosaur, we headed out to Writing on Stone P.P. and were amazed.

Enjoying the spectacular view on top of the hoodoos

The view was spectacular and honestly words, nor photographs can actually explain or capture it.

The vast array of amazing formations known as ‘Hoodoo’s’ went on for miles and miles and miles and miles.  The weather was overcast, but I can only imagine the amazing colours that would reflect out of these amazing sandstone formations at dawn, dusk and everything in between.

Reflecting: Taking the time to enjoy this amazing view, to reflect and to dream

But Writing on Stone (or Áísínai’pi as it is known to the indian’s) is not all about the hoodoos (they are just the bonus), the main attraction of the park is the sacred drawings of the native indians.

Blackfoot indians wandered the plains of Áísínai’pi following herds of bison years before white man came.  Many of these petroglyphs (rock carvings) and pictographs (rock paintings) depict scene’s of triumph, change and everyday life of the native’s. 

Our Rock Art Tour guide (a native blackfoot indian) walked us along the base of the sandstone cliff face and took us back to a time when the indian’s roamed the land, recounting stories that had been handed down to him from generation to generation and helping us to understand the meanings of a variety of petroglyphs. From the spiritual dream of an animal which would help make the day-to-day lives of indian’s much easier and simpler (the horse), to the arrival of the Royal Mounted Police and finally the return of an indian chief to this sacred valley in a motorized car. 

Following the tour we set up camp and enjoyed the peace, quite and tranquility that comes with being out in the wide open spaces, no cars, no city noise, just the crackle of the burning wood and the sizzle of the snag’s cooking on the open fire. 

It’s true, the simple things in life can make you so happy!

(for more photo’s, check out this link)

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