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Picture Perfect Sunset Over Seeley Lake, Montana


Part of my love of road trips is being able to experience things that you may never have had the opportunity to see before.  The freedom to set your own schedule and do what you want to do.  To spend as long as you want or as little as you want and the opportunities to enjoy every single moment.

The first day of our road trip from Calgary to Saint Catherine’s had been a long one.  We had hiked the Bear’s Hump in Waterton National Park and driven the spectacular, amazing and absolutely awesome Going to the Sun Road through Glacier National Park.  As much as the drive is breathtakingly beautiful, it is also mentally taxing.   Tight corners, narrow roads and 1,000+ foot cliff drops. But I would still do it over and over and over again.

With no real plans on where we would stay, let alone, where we would eat, we basically drove until we got hungry.   We arrived in Seeley Lake around 8pm and the sun was just beginning to drop.

Rather than ‘searching’ for food we decided that the Hamburger Cafe beside the lake would be a nice enough option.  Something casual and a chance to sit outside and enjoy our surroundings.  Unfortunately the cafe was closed, but the steakhouse next door was still open and still serving meals.  It would have to do.

After taking our seat we were presented with the menu.  Literally a sign that stood 4ft tall and listed 3 items:

The ‘extensive’ menu @ Linsday’s Steakhouse

We both guessed that sirloin was on the menu for the night :-), which caused some snickering between the two of us (don’t worry.. this was just the beginning of our nightly laughs!!).

After dinner we wandered down to the lake with enough time to take in the beautiful sunset.

Chance just happened to land us in Seeley Lake at the time that it did. And Fate just happened to provide us with a beautiful sunset over the water that truly cannot be described.

The tourist brochures all describe Montana as ‘big sky country’…. I think this picture proves it correct.. What an absolutely stunning view..

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Chocolate.. it’s the no. 1 downfall in my life.

I love it..

I wish so much that I could give it up.. that I could live my life without it.. but there is just NO WAY..

I don’t really care what type it is.. oh yes I have my favorites, but if there is nothing else on offer … dark, white, chilli flavored, cheap and nasty.. I will still give it a crack (hence my far from ‘trim jim’ figure!).. so when the girls that I’ve played Slo-pitch with for the last 2 years decided that as part of my ‘farewell from Calgary‘ we should go to ‘The Fairmont Palliser’s DEATH BY CHOCOLATE‘ night… who was I to resist!!!

A plate of (un)goodness

Now I’ll admit that I really didn’t know what to expect when I rocked up tonight.. I guess some part of the chocolate dreamer in my head had assumed a room stocked to the hilt with all the chocolate that you could ever desire.. or ever want… (think Willy Wonka)… well pretty much this is what we got.. just not so much on the grand scale..but definately on the quality side!

Two tables of deliciously laid out desserts .. from white chocolate, chocolate and berry to mint chocolate and cookie  cheesecakes to  mini-mini cupcakes, choc chip infused bread pudding, mousse rolls and the list goes on.. to a chocolate fountain with assorted fruits, creme burlee, miniature profiteroles and half-dipped ginger, mmm mmmmm!

oohh yes… chocolate fountain dipped strawberry’s.. their healthy right???

Tell me your mouths are not watering?

Well the best thing is you can share in it too.  Every Monday night from 5:30pm – 9:00pm DEATH BY CHOCOLATE is open.. and how is that not the perfect way to begin your week!!.

To make sure that you get your $28 chocolate fix and pick of the BEST chocolate desserts (not that there aren’t any) I recommend getting your girlfriends together, getting there early, grabbing yourself a comfy possie, ordering a nice cocktail and settling in for a couple of hours of indulgence… well at least that’s what we did.

Oh yes.. A Golden Mojito and a plate full of chocolate dessert.. HEAVEN RIGHT

To the girls that came.. THANK YOU… what a send off to have.. and to LB that missed out.. I hope your mouth is not watering too much.. and I tried to have your share :-)..

……….. I don’t think it needs any words

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