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I first saw the Grand Canyon out the window of a plane….a small plane.

In 2010 I spoilt myself with an hour and a half flight in a little 10 seater aeroplane.  Back then though I thought that I was landing at the Grand Canyon and that I would get to spend the day taking in all the wonderful and amazing views.  It was not to be.  Somehow I had incorrectly selected the ‘flight only’ option which included simply, just that.

At the time I was disappointed.  Really disappointed, but I have since learnt that there is a reason why these things happen and in late September I found out why!.

After exploring the Valley of Fire with Fi, I got to spend the next day exploring the West Rim of the Grand Canyon with Laura.  And what a day it was.  I’m not sure how many times we said ‘this is amazing’ to each other as we wandered around the various points at Eagle Point (see above – can you spot the Eagle Kaylene??) and Grotto Point. But they simply were and I thought that I’d share some with you, just so you can see for yourself.e

(Test yourself on the first pic.. once you spot the eagle, can you spot the dog and his ball – it’s amazing what the natives can see!)

First stop – The Ranch.. complete with snake warnings.. thank goodness I never heard any ‘rattling’

Always the way! 

The Grand Canyon Skywalk.. Yes we did!

Enjoying unbelievable views at Grotto Point


Quite simply ‘Trail Closed’

Some places are just made to meditate

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No. 1 Roughneck Fans
Ben, Lee, Me, Dave & Tannis

q. What do you get when you mix the throwing actions of Irish Hurling, the punch ups of 80’s Aussie Rules football, penalty boxes of Ice Hockey, set plays of Basketball and an indoor field the size of a hockey rink?

a. An absolutely AWESOME game!! also known as Box Lacrosse / Indoor Lacrosse and simply Lacrosse

Everyone knows that I’m pretty much an ‘any sports’ fan. With four brothers to influence me, usually the rougher and tougher the better and if there was also a chance for speed.. you beauty. So in early 2011 when Ben, Lee and I were introduced to this crazy sport, by our Canyankie friends, Tannis and Dave, how could I not love it?

I had managed to watch one game of Hockey since I had been in Calgary, but with the price of Hockey tickets practically unaffordable to the average Joe here (and all the good seats brought out by Oil and Gas companies) , Lacrosse became the sporting game of choice. Afterall what other choices did I have? Canadian or American football (pansies!!) or Baseball (hmmmm nah!)? Not only was the game fast, rough and totally full of fights, the entire crowd got behind our beloved ‘Neck’s and spurred them on.

With the music pumping, with every pass, with every shot at goal and with every goal saved, the crowd brought the roof down with the ringing of cowbells and the sounds of ‘What’s he got?…. N.O.T.H.I.N.G’.

Needless to say our weekly tradition become an outting to the lacrosse, which also continued this year, albeit with lots of additional new faces.

I’ll miss the Lacrosse.. but not just for the game, but also for the chance to enjoy being with friends, socializing.. and seeing a damn good fight!..

Go Necks Go

(ps.. my hat and jersey will take pride and place at the farm)

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mate·ship [meyt-ship]


1. the state of being a mate.

2. Australian . a mode of conduct among Australian men that stresses equality,

friendship, and solidarity.

I find it hard to believe (yet proud) that mateship is considered to be Australian.  That a country such as ours can be considered to have such an awesomeness associated with it.

Every country can have this and perhaps they do.  Perhaps it is simply known as something else, but has exactly the same meaning – a relationship between men that stresses equality, friendship and solidarity.

But where does mateship begin… and where does it end?

As many of the people that I love and adore in our community are gathered together to farewell a husband, a father, a grandfather, a great-grandfather, a friend, a protector, a mentor and a mate, I can’t help but think how lucky we were to have one of Dad’s best mates in our lives.

I’m sure that their friendship began as young boys running a muck in the back blocks of Patchewollock and as each of them grew, got married and started a family, that friendship turned to something stronger – mateship.

A mateship that was formed on similarities.  On country values and a respect for each other.  A mateship that faced illness and my father’s death. A mateship that stood up to be counted and remained with our family until last Sunday and will continue to remain within our hearts forever.

I will never know the true sacrifice that was made for our family.  Will never be able to explain it and no words of thanks would ever come close.

All I can simply hope is that two mates are now resting together.  Catching up on lost years, reminiscing about the past and watching down on our future.

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