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OMG… It is really happening… and I have a two-year Canadian work visa!!

I arrived in Vancouver (home to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games) around lunch time and was approved for my 2 year work visa….and you have no idea how happy that makes me!!.  I know that I am an over-thinker.  Yes, I think about things way too much and often always think of the worst outcome and dwell on that, so it was no surprise that I was scared while waiting in the immigration line up that I was going to be denied the visa and sent home for ‘being too old’ or some random reason that they could think of.

But luckily for me (not quite sure what Mum thinks) they accepted me, printed out my visa and stapled it into my passport (what are we in the early 70’s… stapled!!), and now I’m just killing time waiting for my flight to my final destination, Calgary.. home of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth – The Calgary Stampede!.





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Farewell Oz….

Well I guess that this is it again.

I can’t belive that I am here waiting for my first of three flights to Calgary.  Aghh it really does feel unbelievable.

The last two times that I have been here in International departures at Melbourne Airport I have been with friends waiting to go on an adventure, today I’m still waiting to go on an advenuture, but it is so different doing it alone.

Yesterday Mildura. Today the world!

After a MASSIVE panic attack on Friday, and again yesterday, and cancelling my Mildura to Melbourne flight, I’m here safe and sound having travelled 5 and a half hours in the car. I really don’t care. I slept soundly last night and am very very relaxed today.  Just guess that I have to be thankful for amazing family that were willing to drive me down (or keen to get rid of me!!)

Today is the beginning of a new chapter, the closing of the last. Everything that I experiance from here on in will be amazing.

One hour left on Australian soil until I return hopefully different, hopefully the same.

JBM.. this is your new life

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The worst thing about taking trips like these.. the ones where you decide that you are going to live on the other side of the world for a certain length of time.. is always the goodbyes.  I hate them!!.. They have to be the worst part about it all.

I know that I started saying goodbye to friends that I wouldn’t see again before I left a while ago.. but saying goodbye to family is always the hardest… I think that the nieces and nephews are the worst!!.. aghh they will grow up so much while I am away… and little Master X… he will grow so much…

I will miss them so much.. and Mum, well Mum is a whole other ball park. I think that I am glad that she won’t be at the airport tomorrow … it’s was hard enough saying goodbye to her as it was after and hour and a half in the car with her to Tempy.. and her tears were bad enough when I said goodbye to everyone else in Mildura..let alone when we said our goodbyes beside the highway in Tempy.  i just hope that they got home the rest of the way safely.  At least I know that I have someone else driving me while I’m upset.. and Fredbare to keep me smiling on the way down to Melbourne!!..

Tomorrow is going to be a different story through when I have to say goodbye to her and her Mum and Dad……………………..

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Seriously.. I’m not too sure about this lack of time that I have given myself.

All things going smoothly I’m suppose to have 3 and a half hours spare in Melbourne Airport tomorrow to get my bag’s, check in via Air New Zealand and then get through customs and to my plane…. ‘all things going smoothly’ being the biggest 4 words there!.

Today the same flight that I am supposed to be on Sunday is still grounded at the Mildura airport.  It’s now 3pm here. If this happens on Sunday… I’m stuffed!!

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Master X…

“Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes…and a chubby button nose”

Welcome to our family Master X!!

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Farewell gift…

I’m an aunty again.. welcome to this big wide world little X.

Today was my last day at work (finally) and also the day that A did an awesome job to bring another little (well ok big) boy into the world.

I’m so excited to finally be finishing work, and so excited to know that I have the chance to meet my new nephew before I leave for Canada on Sunday (actually I’d be lying if I didn’t say that now I’m a bit sad that I won’t be hanging around to see him grow over the next 12 months).

There is so much going on and I know that I am probably pushing myself to think that I can survive it all.. but today at least is my last day of work.  Drinks soon with Friends, final pack tomorrow and meet little master X.. have a few cuddle’s and be a doting Aunty.  S & H wedding on Saturday and then 6am flight on Sunday out of Mildy for Melb … and the next adventure begins..

but for now… DRINKS!!!!




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